A Hug Saved My Life®️ Advocacy is the voice for women who are living with and have survived cancer, and their families. We advocate for them with regards to research, better treatments, and improved survivorship programs.


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They say in life you need one true friend. But isn’t there strength in numbers? FAB 531™ is [more than] a movement where no one impacted by breast cancer is alone and uninformed.

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Research has shown that hereditary and environmental factors, poor diet and inactivity play a role in doubling your risk of cancer. We educate you on how to create a more balanced lifestyle to boost your immune system and take back control of your life.




The A Hug Saved My Life®️ memoir is an inspirational guide and movement all in one. Inside this book, you will follow my journey from a seemingly innocuous hug to a devastating diagnosis… My journey and the lessons I learned along the way inspired me to want to enlighten others.

The Ultimate Cancer Prevention Kitchen Arsenal™ is preventative combat at your fingertips packed with 35 anti-cancer foods and the description on exactly how they kick butt so Living Cancer Free Forever™ is not just a dream it can become your REALITY!