Meet Lynne - The Founder

"My message is clear: make mammograms a priority, have these conversations with your sisters, aunts, mothers, friends and family. Make each other accountable and make sure that they all go get a mammogram."— Lynne Alston, Breast Cancer Survivor

My Journey To Live

In 2014,  I was active and healthy before my breast cancer diagnosis.  I had never been ill more than a common cold.   I was over 40, an experienced entrepreneur, and a  licensed life and health insurance professional, and had never smoked.  I exercised and watched my weight.   Doing all the right, healthy things. Certainly, the picture of health.

Then one day, I ran into an old friend. As someone I had not seen in a while, a young lady I had mentored long ago, she gave me a  strong, heart-filled hug to show her appreciation.   And although THAT hug was warm and well-received, it FELT different from any other hug I had EVER felt in the past.  I felt pain and tenderness.  "What is this?",  I asked myself.  I went home that evening, and discovered a golf-ball-sized lump in my right breast.

Inside the A Hug Saved My Life: A Journey To Live book, written myself and from my heart, you will follow my journey from a seemingly innocuous hug, to a devastating diagnosis and my personal struggle to come to terms with how quickly things had plummeted out of control and how determined I was to take my life back.  My journey and the lessons I learned along the way inspired me to want to help others, and hopefully that includes you and your loved ones.